University of Manitoba IEEE Student Branch

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Steps to Joining the Student Branch

In order to join the Student Branch, there are few things that need to happen.

First, you need to register with IEEE International as a Student Member. During this step, you may need to create your IEEE account. This process will end with an checkout screen where you will pay the yearly IEEE Student Member dues.

Second, if you are an engineering or geoscience student, you can optionally also join Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba (EGM), as a student member.

Third, complete our Membership Form. You will need your University of Manitoba student number, IEEE membership number, and EGM membership number, if applicable, ready.

Finally, to keep in touch with our Student Branch, join our Discord server. It is highly recommended that you complete this step. Else, you risk missing out on important announcements and our latest activities and opportunities!

Once you complete these steps, hang tight! We'll be working hard to get you validated in our system.

Questions about the Registration Process

We know that the registration process is not always the simplest. If you run into trouble during any of the aforementioned steps, please come talk to us in either E1-513 or E1-514 of the Price Faculty of Engineering.

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