University of Manitoba IEEE Student Branch

About our Student Branch

The University of Manitoba IEEE (UMIEEE) Student Branch is a collection of like-minded individuals with a mission of giving its IEEE Student members a community of peers, and a connection to faculty and industry professionals who drive innovation in countless technical fields. Student involvement in Branch activities, whether special projects, social and technical meetings, outreach programs, conferences, local Section or Regional opportunities, etc. can help develop a record of accomplishment and capabilities beyond the norm.

What is an IEEE Student Branch?

Student Branches provide IEEE Student members networking opportunities to meet and learn from fellow students, as well as faculty members and field professionals, and to share their interests, future professions, and ideas. Globally, there are over 3,000 Student Branches in over 100 countries!

What are the Advantages of an IEEE Student Branch?

An IEEE Student Branch offers numerous education, technical, and professional advantages of an IEEE membership through special projects, activities, meetings, tours, and field trips. Listed below are some example programs and projects that keep students interested in the Student Branch, its activities, and their chosen profession:

  • Participation in regional conferences, workshops, and competitions;
  • Participation in awards, scholarships, project/design programs, and student paper contests;
  • Development of leadership, interpersonal, and team-building skills;
  • Accessing IEEE online services and resources (e.g. IEEE Xplore, IEEE Potentials magazine, Overleaf); and
  • Developing connections with IEEE professionals both in industry and academia.

What does UMIEEE Offer in Addition?

Going beyond the norm, the UMIEEE Student Branch provides its IEEE Student members additional and important advantages.

IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre

The IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre enhances the learning experience of IEEE Student members, encourages IEEE membership and activities, and interaction between the UMIEEE Student branch and the Winnipeg IEEE Section.

The McNaughton Centre concept was pioneered at the University of Manitoba by Ted Glass, IEEE Regional Director in 1978-1979, in memory of General Andrew G. L. McNaughton, one of Canada's most distinguished electrical engineers.

You can learn more about the history of the IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centres in IEEE Potentials (Volume: 3, Issue: 1, February 1984). You can also learn more directly about General Andrew G. L. McNaughton by reading his profile on IEEE Canadian Foundation's website.

The IEEE McNaughton Learning Resource Centre at the University of Manitoba is sponsored by the IEEE Canadian Foundation who assists Canadian IEEE Student Branches to establish or improve these Centres. We are grateful for their continued support throughout the years.

Partnerships with Other Student Groups

The UMIEEE Student Branch has developed exclusive relationships for its IEEE Student members with other University of Manitoba student groups such as:

  • University of Manitoba Student Chapter of SAE (UMSAE);
  • University of Manitoba Space Applications and Technology Society (UMSATS);
  • University of Manitoba Biomedical Engineering Design (BMED) Team; and
  • Society of Earth Science and Environmental Studies (SESES).

Through these partnerships, UMIEEE's IEEE Student members are able to explore different project opportunities available to them, attend more exclusive workshops, and expand their knowledge horizon.

Specialized Student Branch Chapters

The UMIEEE Student Branch has also helped establish Student Branch chapters providing targeted learning and connection opportunities for their respective members.

A notable example was the establishment of the Bisons' Programming Team (BPT) which prepares computer programmers to deal with well-known computer science problems to equip them the tools, resources, techniques to produce better software and face harder computer science research problems in the future.

Who Leads the UMIEEE Student Branch?

Like most student groups, the UMIEEE Student Branch is operated by a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers who spend countless hours outside of their personal, professional, and academic lives to manage and improve the services provided to our IEEE Student members. We are truly thankful of their time and effort.

Executive Committee

  • Counsellor: Dr. Witold Kinsner
  • Chair: Mahyar Mirrashed
  • Vice-Chair: Bryce Cadieux
  • Treasurer: Luc Maxwell
  • Secretary: Erica von Stackelberg


  • Student Branch Centre Officer: Duy Anh Nguyen
  • McNaughton Learning Resource Centre Officer: Nealon Maxwell
  • Group Liaison Officer: Marika Dewar-Norosky
  • Reporting Officer: Vacant
  • Social Presence Officer: Nhan Nguyen
  • Technical Activities Officer: Kazi Al Nahian
  • Professional Development and Industrial Relations Officer: Vacant

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